Male Strippers Ireland are the best in the business! That is because we can fulfill your fantasies.

Our dancers do not merely have great bodies and are gorgeous they know how to out on a show. They are all great performers.  An important part of every great show are the customs. Male Strippers Ireland dancers perform in a variety of hot and sexy costumes.  What is more, you pick what our dancers wear.


Male Strippers Ireland can act out your fantasies by performing in costumes that will get your pulses racing and your hearts beating.

Male Strippers Ireland are able to provide you with dancers in a range of costumes.   It does not matter if you are hiring a single dancer or a whole ensemble, our dancers perform in many different sexy costumes.  We aim to please!

Here are some ideas for our dancers’ costumes

  1. Fireman- all the girls love a hunky man dressed as a fireman. This is one of the most popular costumes for male strippers.
  2. Cowboy – for something different how about a handsome cowboy!
  3. Sailor- all the girls love a sailor and who can resist a hunk in a sailor’s costume.
  4. Businessman- there is nothing quite like a handsome man in a smart suit.
  5. Guard- who can resist a handsome guard who will punish some naughty girl!
  6. Biker- all the girls love a bad boy in leather.
  7. Doctor- how many girls dream of getting ‘special treatment’ from a gorgeous doctor.

You Choose

If you have any particular customs that you want for our dancers just tell us at Male Strippers Ireland.

You are in charge and we can provide you with the type costumes that you want.

Perhaps one of your friends has a special fantasy – no problem we will have our dancers dressed in a way to make her fantasy come true.

At Male Strippers Ireland we aim to please and we will work with you to get the customs that you want.

You and your friends can choose the customs.

Our Service

If you want a theme for your special night, no problem – our dancers will dress any way you like.

Male Strippers Ireland have years of experience in this area and we know how important it is for our dancers to have the right costume.

Everyone has some raunchy fantasy and you can pick the costume that you want to make your fantasy come true.

Contact Male Stripper Ireland now-  and make your fantasies come true!